Loop Solutions

Waste is only waste if we waste it.”


Loop Solutions – material circulatory specialists. We offer unique solutions to traditional landfill wastes. 

We have a passion for combining science and technology in order to deliver sustainable alternatives. We strive to support the circular economy and prevent materials from ending up in landfills across all sectors and waste streams.

Through an in-depth understanding of the composition and application of potential waste streams, Loop investigates the various beneficiation opportunities in the use of each material. Materials can either be used in their current format or in combination with other waste elements to create a new product which can re-enter the market.

The company is led by Andrew Rist whose broad sustainability expertise has developed over the past twenty-five years of local and international work experience. He has held several senior management positions in the industry and believes the circular economy will continue to be of growing importance. To this end, he established Loop (Pty) Ltd, which is part of the eVantage Group, a collective of companies focussed on long term sustainability.

Enquiries to Andrew Rist via andrew@loopsolutions.africa

We seek the worth in waste; questioning form and function every step of the way."

- Andrew Rist